Leaning Post Shock Absorbing boat bench Seat Seaspension

Leaning Post Bench Seat with full shock mitigation system and roll pads

Leaning Post shock-absorbing pedestal seat by Seaspension

Tired of your leaning post seating making you dread sitting down? When you see an oncoming wave do you lift your bottom off the leaning post bench, grab the Oh' Shit handles tight and squit? Wish you had a soft comfortable seat for that ride home after a long day of boating? Seaspension leaning post systems incorporate shock absorbing pedestals into the leaning post bench (dual post), or into a single stand alone seat, and even in a tripod leaning post configuration.

Not all boat leaning posts are created equally, and without Seaspension's leaning post shock-absorbing pedestals, well it's just a leaning post that will make your chiropractor very happy after a long boating career!  The LEANING POST SHOCK ABSORBING BOAT BENCH SEAT by SEASPENSION is the softest ride you can dream of!

Seaspension's shock absorbing leaning post pedestals have a shock travel of 3 ½ inches for optimal performance when paired with any boat leaning post.  The leaning post shock-absorber has a stainless steel progressively rated coil-over spring and has proprietary valving for both compression and rebound strokes when the leaning post compresses down. That means that the initial compression is relatively soft and gets progressively stiffer as the leaning post compresses harder. The damper valve senses the speed by which the leaning post shock absorber compresses, so it can do its job properly. The Seaspension leaning post shock-absorber system produces No Pogo stick reaction, thus giving you the best ride possible from any leaning post system.  

The bench seat shown to the left (front and rear view) was designed for Florida Inshore Angler.com for our Project Osprey Boat Build.  What I really like about this seat, beyond the shock absorbing pedestals of course, are several things.  First, the "lean to" function of the roll pads allows one to stand up and create more leg room while at the helm, while also allowing you to rest against and share your weight on the pad and still get the benefits of the shock absorbing pedestals.  Second, the back of the bench seat padding is curved around your butt, and also in an upward fashion, thus giving you a very comfortable and secure seat that wraps around your curvatures just enough to firmly hold you in place without restricting your movement.  Third, the back rest of the bench seat also wraps around a bit to hold you in place.  I'll have a full written review in the near future, complete with a video installation and open water testing so be sure to check in from time to time.  

Seaspension Standard Solo leaning post shock-absorber model 10xx

This Seaspension patented leaning post shock-absorbing pedestal is designed to be mounted to most boat seats and leaning post benches, or a universal flat-bottomed seat slider for fore and aft movement. The leaning post shock absorber post swivels 360° with auto-lock forward facing feature. Proper orientation of the Seaspension Solo leaning post shock-absorber is required for installation. The round shock-absorber base is a standard 9 ¼” OD with a 6-hole bolt pattern. Proper operating range is between 140 -275 lbs total seated weight on the leaning post shock absorber posts.
Seaspension Standard Solo leaning post shock-absorber Heights:
16 in (40.64 cm),  19 in (48.26 cm), 22 in (55.88 cm), 25 in (63.50 cm)

Seaspension Non Swivel leaning post shock-absorber Model 40xx

This Seaspension leaning post shock-absorbing pedestal is designed to be mounted to a universal flat-bottomed slider for fore and aft movement. This Non Swivel shock absorbing leaning post has a square 6.5x6.5 inch flat top with universal mounting holes at each corner, and do not swivel. Proper orientation of the leaning post is required for installation. The round leaning post base is a standard 9-¼” OD with a 6-hole bolt pattern. Proper operating range for the non swivel leanin post is between 140 -275 lbs total seated weight.
Heights: 16 in (40.64 cm), 19 in (48.26 cm), 22 in (55.88 cm), 25 in (63.50 cm)


Seaspension Dual Solo leaning post shock-absorber Model 12xx

This patented leaning post dual shock-absorbing pedestal system is designed to be mounted to most boat seats, leaning post benches or a universal flat-bottomed seat slider for fore and aft movement. Two standard dual shock absorbing leaning posts are utilized to accommodate larger helm chairs and greater seated weights. A custom deck plate is included which allows the shock absorbing leaning post pedestals to be adapted into a standard round 8 ¼”, 6-hole bolt pattern. A swiveling fore/aft slider is available for this model. Heights:  16 in (40.64 cm), 19 in (48.26 cm), 22 in (55.88 cm), 25 in (63.50 cm)


Seaspension Inverted Solo leaning post shock-absorber Model 1411

The Inverted Solo leaning post shock absorbing model retains all of the features of the Solo shock absorbing leaning posts in only 11"(28cm) of height.  The Seaspension inverted solo leaning post comes with stylish tapered bellows and can be ordered with an optional PVC cap to waterproof the shock absorbing leaning post pedestals in situations where they are installed in a live well or bait box under the seated area. Inverted leaning post models require an approx. 5" X 6" hole to be cut in the mounting surface or deck.  Access to the underside of mounting surface or deck is required for installation.  The Inverted solo leaning post pedestals can also be ordered as a leaning post Bench (2413) or Non-swivel leaning post(4411) Models.  Proper operating range is between 140 -275 lbs total seated weight.

Seaspension Spider leaning post shock-absorber Model 30xx

These Seaspension shock-absorbing leaning post pedestals are our best seller, and are designed to accept your spider/slider which fits over a 2-7/8” OD standard pedestal tube. This allows 360° swiveling of the boat seat. The round base is a standard 9-¼” OD with a 6-hole bolt pattern. Proper operating range is between 140 -275 lbs total seated weight. Heights:  20 in (50.82 cm), 23 in (58.42 cm), 25 in (63.50 cm), 29 in (73.66 cm)



Seaspension Tripod Bolster leaning post shock-absorber 51xx and 57xx Drop Down Tripod Bolster

Off-Shore pounding, racing and severe duty such as military applications call for the Seaspension tripod bolster boat bench seat shock absorbers. The triangular configuration ensures maximum strength in extreme conditions. Bolsters are designed with either a sit-down or drop down seat configuration. Single or double bolster seats are available. Due to the many application variables, Seaspension can custom manufacture any model.


+1 #1 Rayford
Interesting concept. You guys doing a review on it anytime soon?
FIA Replied:

The SeaSpension review will start with the kickoff of the boat build we are doing. Check out the page under menu "How To" titled "Reusing factory non skid." I will have details on that page as we install it, as well as a full review on the main page of the site. Thanks
+1 #2 Lee Franklin
Does this come as post only or bench seat combo? Looks heavy?
FIA Replied:
You can purchase the shock absorbing peds separate, or as a leaning post bench system. I'll have more details up soon. Regards,
+2 #3 Van
I saw your video on youtube with the fold up pad on the front. Looks nice. Cant wait to see the install and the final product they build for you.
_______________ _______________ ___________
FIA Reply...
The fold up pad will be very nice for standing up and getting the seat out of the way. In addition, when the pad folds up it raises the seat level so it's at the right height to do a standing rest. The design is nice and I'm just waiting for them to finalize the build. I think I'm the first to get this setup from them so I'll let you know.
0 #4 Jay
I've never heard or seen this product and found you on google. My friend, and FWC officer was talking about some shocj like bench seat. What's the youtube link?

FIA Reply

Here's the video. This is only a mock-up of the seat. Mine will be a full size bench seat.
0 #5 Steve
These things are da bomb for anyone going offshore. Saves your back, ass and the rest of you. Me thinks FIA should give out some discounts! hint hint

FIA Reply

Steve, I think I might be able to arrange a special FIA discount with Seaspension once we reach that point. Peter and Greg are good guys looking to really break into general public part of the marine market. I'll let you know. ~Allen
+1 #6 Bobby
I'd be a bit worried being that all the rocking back and forth on just 2 small base plates seems like it would become weak. My leaning post, though old and has come loose, has 4 legs and still came loose. Any thoughts?
FIA Reply
That was also my initial concern, but Peter assured me that it would not. However, I am taking precautions as I am very hard on by boat items, thus I'm putting two aluminum backing plates below deck and bolting them down. I'm sure it's overkill, as the original seats on my boat were the same as what you see and they were tight after many years of use. It's all in how you install them. ~Allen
0 #7 Jay
Quoting Bobby:
I'd be a bit worried being that all the rocking back and forth on just 2 small base plates seems like it would become weak. My leaning post, though old and has come loose, has 4 legs and still came loose. Any thoughts?

I was thinking the same thing after looking at it.
0 #8 Lee Franklin
How long until you guys offer these on your site, and will they be cheaper than going through the MF?
FIA Reply
Hi Lee and welcome back. Right now we are still in the installation and review stage, but after we finish up we will be sitting down with Peter and Greg to work out the details. I am sure, as a retailer, the price will be cheaper. We are going to do some major promotions with products so things should get exciting soon. Stay tuned.. Regards, Allen
+2 #9 Rick
I got a pair from a used boat that I bought last year and so far I'm loving the shit out of mine! I go offshore 3 times a week with my 2 girl crew and everyone fights to sit next to me..thought I was a stud but guess it's just the comfort! Good product so far.
+1 #10 Florida Inshore Angler
Here's the pedestals video

+1 #11 Randy
I'm looking at a boat right now that has these on it and they felt great on the trial run we took. I was looking for some reviews and found your site, but I see you haven't reviewed them yet. Do you guys have any thoughts on how long the shocks hold up? Reason why I ask is because if I want them it'll cost me extra because he has the old seat and wants 300 more for the pair.
_______________ _______________ ____


Hi Randy, from talking to Peter at SeaSpension he says they will outlast a car shock, which generally get 40,000 plus miles on a heavy load. I doubt you will ever wear them out so I would not be concerned with that. As far as $300 for a pair, which they sound new or close to it, I'd say heck yes! That's a good price, and it's cheaper than 1 new pedestal. Let us know how you like them after you put some time on them. Happy boating.
+1 #12 Brad
Holy smokes man anyone going to write a reviews anytime this century? I've checked back here many times and its the same static page with no review. I looked all over the net and not a darn thing worth reading..thought I found something on a air boat but then it was just a few lines. Hopefully you do one like you did on the dss system here. Check back with ya later guys.
+2 #13 Travis
I'm with you Brad! If you guys need an ass for testing I'm free to help out! Check back in later as well. Peace
+1 #14 Greg Lanoot
The product looks good on the video. Seems to me that these should be standard on all offshore boat. I sure wish I had one of these back in my days before I beat my back to the stiff board it is today. It probably would have saved my spine. How long have they been on the market?
0 #15 TwistedHook
Looks like a great product with little advertising budget because I haven't ever seen or heard of this product. Do these give you a pogo effect?
_______________ _


SeaSpension has been concentrating their efforts in other markets, and now they are making a push for a wider market. It is a great product from all view points, though I have yet to put one through the test, both long or short term. I will have a much greater understanding on how they feel this upcoming summer. From dry testing, I can tell you that they are very impressive. There is "no" pogo effect, and that would only come from a worn out shock, which I doubt you will ever experience due to the very long life of these shocks. Stay tuned...
+2 #16 Rayford
I keep checking back but not seeing the review or any updates on this product? Have you installed it yet? I'm really lookin forward to the review b/c you really lay out the details. damn near as good as using it! Any ideal when you'll have something up to read?

Rayford, sorry for the delay in the review, but we are waiting to get the product from them. I know it's been a long time but I've seen the new seat and it looks great. Should be soon! Hang in there and thanks.
-3 #17 Brad
Seems to me that some extra cushion would do the same thing! I'll save my money and buy some fishing gear!
0 #18 Lenny
Where can I go to see these in action? I'm in San Diego area. Looks interesting, but never heard of them. Rust issues? Weight?
+1 #19 Brian L
How much for an entire setup?
+1 #20 Seaman3
Now thats a sweet seat! Amazing enough I had no clue these existed until I saw it here. I just got my new seat last year but if I would have seen this first I may have got one of these. Looks like a soft ride.