Butterfly jig - What is a butterfly jig? What is butterfly jigging?

Butterfly jig - What is a butterfly jig? What is butterfly jigging? How to use a Butterfly Jig.


So just what are Butterfly Jigs, and the technique called “Butterfly Jigging?” Butterfly jigs get their name because of their butterfly-like fluttering action when jigging. Butterfly jigs were created in Japan in the early 90's and were fished at depths down to 500ft for bluefin tuna.  Butterfly jigs have been exploding on the market as of late for their ability to force strikes from finicky fish.  The deep belly shape of the Buterfly Jig provides a spiral darting action vertically through the water columns, while other butterfly jig designs offer top water walking the dog effects.

Butterfly jigs range in size from a three inche to 12 inches, and range in weight from 2 ounce butterfly jigs to over 9 inch jigs. Colors offered for butterfly jigs are wide spread and include the  blue sardine/silver butterfly jig, aji Brown/silver butterfly jig, green mackerel/silver butterfly jig, squid/silver butterfly jig, pink/silver butterfly jig, chartreuse/white butterfly jig, chrome hammered butterfly jig, smooth diamond finished butterfly jig, and an array of solid and blended colored butterfly jigs. 

Shimano butterfly jigs are offered in two styles; regular and long, ranging from 3 1/2 to 6 1/2 at 2-9 ounces.  The long butterfly jigs include are offered in 7 1/2- and 9-inches, in four-ounce and seven-ounce weights.  These jigs are offered in seven colors, blue/silver butterfly jig, green/gold butterfly jig, natural/silver butterfly jig, pink/silver butterfly jig, silver butterfly jig, chartreuse/white butterfly jig and a squid/white butterfly jig.

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To use a butterfly jig, you'll first need to know the essentials of rigging a butterfly jig, and what style of hook to use.  I personally like the Dancing Stinger Hook by Owner.  


How to Rig a Butterfly Jig


  • Split - ring
    The split ring goes on the eye of the jig. Split rings offers the versatility to change jigs without retying your line every time, which is quick and efficient in the middle of a hot bite.
  • Solid - ring
    The solid ring goes on next and attaches to the split ring.  It acts as the hub for the Butterfly Jig, giving you the versatility to interchange Butterfly Jigs or the Owner Dancing Stinger hooks quickly.
  • Dancing Stinger Hook or Single Loop Hook
    The Dancing Stinger hook, available from Owner, has a braided fabric attached to the hook that is three times stronger than mono of the same diameter, yet is extremely flexible as a swinging hook.  Simply slide the loop end of the Dancing Stinger hook through the solid ring and feed the hook point through the stinger loop and cinch.  Do the same for the second Dancing Stinger hook.
  • Super Braid main line with fluorocarbon shock leader
    Braided main line such as PowerPro with a fluorocarbon shock leader has little or no stretch making it a much better choice, from detecting bites in deeper water to durability. Tie your fluorocarbon leader to the braided main line by using  25-30 wraps and use an Albright knot.




Butterfly Jig Fishing


Things You’ll Need:
  • Butterfly Jig
  • Leader
  • Stringer hooks
  • Appropriate weight line



Step 1
Attach the leader to the line. I highly recommend using fluorocarbon shock leader, as also suggested by the manufacturer.
Step 2
Attach the butterfly jig to the leader using either a snap rig or by tying it to the line with a loop knot. The leader and loops is a must, as this will help give the jig its fluttering movements.
Step 3
Tie off a hook above the lure using an overhand knot. You can use two hooks on either side of the lure if you choose.
Step 4
Cast and pull the lure through the water in a back-and-forth motion, creating the motion of a small fish. 
Step 5
Enjoy the increased attention these butterfly jigs will draw!  Reel in your catch the way that you would any other fish.